A Continuation Of Discussion


For those who may not have seen the question:

Location: Is there a physical location of equivalence in the USA. Like Iona, Lindisfarne, and the Northumbrian Community? I want to start a discussion, does anyone in the community knows of a sacred place and space that is a pilgrimage location here in the US?

Mark Condy: This has been a great discussion, and there looks to be a need or yearning for a place of meeting here in the US.

Where could that central location be, that could be an annual gathering place toward fulfilling this longing?

I will over the next few weeks put all the wonderful suggestions onto my website for all to peruse and view to our heart’s desire. As I don’t want to lose this excellent information that has been given. Lost in the Ethernet. It Is A Work In Progress!

Thanks again to all who contributed.


There was a question asked and now that I’m at a computer and not on my phone, I will try to answer more fully.

Sue Mosher: Mark can you expand a bit on what you mean by this longing?

In other words, what is the intention you have in mind for such a meeting?

Mark Condy, I have no authority to speak after looking at your experience and credentialing. However, this may solely be, only my longing to see a central location, to have like-minded people meet for a retreat or pilgrimage at a location like Iona or Lindisfarne. These locations have been meaningful to me, and I have fond memories, having gone there. These are my own personal holy places spaces to go to for self-reflection. (When I lived in Scotland), when I had an opportunity to go and do this, I’m looking for something similar.

Is This Only My Own Yearning: So the longing and yearning are possibly only my own. This is to get away from the norms of life for a moment to have quality time on my own or within a group setting. Yes like a retreat, but with a Celtic Christian Spirituality focus, a lot of what David Cole offers in the UK, but here in the US. But this is still a process of thought and prayer, and reflection on my part.

Don’t take me the wrong way, I’m not looking to join a monastic order, as idyllic as this may sound, and become a cloistered monk. But I do think there is a longing for a simpler way of life, and to have a haven to go too. Placed experienced, found, and endorsed by recommendation, by everyday people who have had an encounter  with God, or have a meaningful experience in a sacred place, organized, and of their own making. Thus, like the deer pants for water, so we want nourishment, to discover rest out of the craziness of life, and find peace for the soul. I want to live my spiritual walk moment by moment, knowing the presence of God in daily life. The Retreat / Pilgrimage is a means to enhance, giving a focused time of drawing closer to God and be alongside other fellow pilgrims in this journey called life.

The Key Figures: Who are the George MacLeod’s of our day, and also the John and Linda Skinner’s and the Andy Raine in North Northumberland, of the USA?

Who are the key figures of influence who are pioneers and trail-blazing the way for a new monasticism and new ways of doing church, influenced by Christ and the Celtic Spiritual Way here in the US?

Am I Just Naive: I’m a newbie to this way of life; just starting to take baby steps. If there are areas I’m in error, forgive me. If there are key figures I need to learn from, point them in my direction that we might cross paths.

Is it Only Me? Is there any out there that feel the same way as I do, longing to see a central location, to have like-minded people meet for a retreat or pilgrimage at a location like Iona or Lindisfarne here in the USA? Let us continue the dialogue and discussion?

What is central, I’m originally from Scotland, my US geography isn’t the best! ☺ America is so big! So is it realistic?

As I had promised, I have begun the work; it is a work in process. Putting onto my website the locations that people mentioned, that have had significance to them.

Go to the Retreat tab and you will be able to locate a drop down menu with the input given by a number of people. 



Christ as a light, illumine and guide me.

Christ as a light, guide us. Amen.

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