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Let me tell you a little about myself, my name is Mark Condy; I was born in Scotland in the city of Edinburgh, on the 25th September 1970. I have had a love of Celtic Christian Spirituality from the first time I had the opportunity to visit Holy Island with a friend. (or Lindisfarne as it is also referred to). If you want further insight you can visit the following website and explore Lindisfarne. http://visitnorthumberland.com/holy-island ) or see the blog I created after taking a group to Holy Island in the summer of 2019.

The friend who introduced me to Holy Island also taught me how to fold paper, when cut after using a template, it opened to reveal the forms of a Celtic Cross. This was the seed of inspiration for my artistic pursuits and after the Pilgrimage, I was inspired to revisit my artistic gifts. I believe these are given by God and have created Celtic Flow. Further down this page, you will see further demonstrations of my artistic journey.

You are free to explore this page for yourself to see if you desire to try the activities for yourself, so as to just have some fun. I have lived here in the USA now for 19 years, having come to America as a Camp Counselor; this is where I met Susan, my wife. We were brought to the area of Dayton Ohio, after I completed my BA in Biblical and Evangelist Ministry at Cliff College, England. The completion of my studies allowed me to be accepted, and to continue my studies at United Theological Seminary in the USA, where I graduated in 2003 with an MA in religious communication. My Senior Showcase Project was a video called the Celtic Journey. From this point, I went on to ministry as an Associate Minister in Vandalia United Methodist church for 4 years.

I presently work Full-time as the Collection Manager at the Library of United Theological Seminary. When the Ice-Hockey season is in full swing this keeps Susan my wife and me, and our sons Andrew and Prescot, very busy. In my free time, I like to focus on my art, research in the subject of Celtic Christian Spirituality, and do some writing. I’m in my first year in my studies toward becoming a Spiritual Director, class taken at Fall Creek Abby.

I created a booklet for the Pilgrimage (sample under Margaret Stenhouse) and when time permits, I work on a fiction book The Anam Cara, A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation. I have two coloring books The Journey of the Celtic Cross. The cross designs are created within the canvas of a paper folded cross, and I give a basic intro to Celtic Christian Spirituality. I have self-published my first coloring book: The Journey of Coloring Pocket Size. The premise of this book was coloring but more than this to allow a person to come and rest awhile, through the process of coloring and meditating on the scriptures and spiritual sayings and use the book to slow down and fill a desire for spiritual connection and belonging. Allowing the person the luxury of some peace in their lives to draw near to God, experience a touch through A.R.T. This is my hope as the artist that people will have A Restorative Touch. I have a desire to write about spirituality and use my artistic gifts to help encourage a closer walk with the Lord, to enrich others and myself with a deeper understanding of the role we have to play in this world.

I do thank you for visiting my site and if you have any questions or input, don’t hesitate and contact me. arestorartivetouch@gmail.com

Mark Condy

Mark Condy Resume

The creator of Mark’s Treasury Of Celtic Christian Spirituality.

A personal friend who played a huge part in my life passed away on 7th March 2021. She introduced me to Celtic Christianity and taught me how the play the harmonica and also took me to Holy Island. Thank you, Margaret Stenhouse.

Margaret Stenhouse

She taught me music, the bible, and how to fold paper when cut and unfolded would become a Celtic Cross. This has resulted in a lot of art by myself. scroll down further there is a video and diagram demonstrating how this works.

My lates Art 2020 – 2021

My latest art is a circle repeat pattern. Want to see more click the link CelticFlow

I started digital art in October 2018

Marks CEltic Cross Love the Lord

I was given an ipod pro and ipencil and this has been the result.

During lent in 2018 learning basic Celtic knot-work


Video from my Blog: The Heartbeat of God


My second Coloring Book


It is completed 🙂





I do find doodling within the paper cross very relaxing and therapeutic.

The Journey of Coloring

By Mark Condy


 Do you want to preview the book before purchasing a print copy? Here are 4 of the designs in PDF format. You are welcome to print them out and color for yourself.

My Book is on a Self-Publishing website at LuLu.com take a moment View this Author’s Spotlight

celtic heart

Circle design My Mark Condy

Come Holy Spirit you are welcome here

Creation inspires us to be co

With coloring and with life

Me, Mark Condy Making a Celtic Cross by folding paper


August 2015 Self Published My First Book

Celtic Cross folding instructions

Basic sheet of paper journal


path Cliff

Discover an ancient practice, a treasure forgotten.

The Anam Cara!

A Brief overview: for my book.

The Anam Cara, A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation.

We are all on a Journey or a pilgrimage, taking steps toward finding meaning for our lives; desiring to find a place of significance and our role in the world in which we live.

The character Tobar is a fellow pilgrim in search of that internal and physical healing, as the character discovers new areas or hidden qualities in his life. May we from Tobar’s example, observe and learn about the new treasures that have been hidden in our lives. Being revealed or illuminated by having an encounter with the Monarch of the Universe through Tobar.

This is one of the main quests of Tobar’s journey, to know and find answers for his life, and to be drawn closer to the one who made him and be of service to the Monarch of the Universe by becoming a Seer.

The aim or readership of this book is for anyone who desires to draw closer to the Universe holder, who is the one holding all things in place. The Monarch of the Universe knows every aspect of our lives, molding all things into fulfillment in accordance with the master plan; this we trust is being orchestrated on our behalf by the Monarch of the Universe.

There are times in life that the steps forward are uncertain, fear and doubt, bring frustration and hopelessness. Imagine the day you have conquered the thief who steals your potential. Who is this crook you may be asking? Fear is the thief that sows doubt, depression, and desperation. Take steps to see this thief imprisoned, no longer able to harm you. How is this possible? By being motivated toward success because of the support received from your Anam Cara.

AnamCara. https://markscelticchristianspirituality.com/2016/08/20/the-anam-cara/

mist covered mountain


Here is my Blog https://momentsofthesacred.wordpress.com/

Worship Resources

Mark Website


St Aidan Celtic Christian and the Aidan Way




Mark’s first website

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