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The Anam Cara!

A Brief overview: for my book.

The Anam Cara, A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation.

We are all on a Journey or a pilgrimage, taking steps toward finding meaning for our lives; desiring to find a place of significance and our role in the world in which we live.

The character Tobar is a fellow pilgrim in search of that internal and physical healing, as the character discovers new areas or hidden qualities in his life. May we from Tobar’s example, observe and learn about the new treasures that have been hidden in our lives. Being revealed or illuminated by having an encounter with the Monarch of the Universe through Tobar.

This is one of the main quests of Tobar’s journey, to know and find answers for his life, and to be drawn closer to the one who made him and be of service to the Monarch of the Universe by becoming a Seer.

The aim or readership of this book is for anyone who desires to draw closer to the Universe holder, who is the one holding all things in place. The Monarch of the Universe knows every aspect of our lives, molding all things into fulfillment in accordance with the master plan; this we trust is being orchestrated on our behalf by the Monarch of the Universe.

There are times in life that the steps forward are uncertain, fear and doubt, bring frustration and hopelessness. Imagine the day you have conquered the thief who steals your potential. Who is this crook you may be asking? Fear is the thief that sows doubt, depression, and desperation. Take steps to see this thief imprisoned, no longer able to harm you. How is this possible? By being motivated toward success because of the support received from your Anam Cara.

AnamCara. https://markscelticchristianspirituality.com/2016/08/20/the-anam-cara/

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