The Anam Cara

These thoughts are my musing about my book project. The Anam Cara, A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation. It was inspired by a wonderful book by John O’Donohue, Anam Cara. This was the seed sown, beginning the journey of discovering more on this subject.

The following is thought insights I’m trying to bring to the surface in people’s lives, of the benefit of an  AnamCara. Just making a conscious effort to be open to the leading of God, to find a friend to bear your soul.

Begin today, choose to reinvent yourself and bring benefit into your life by making an Anam Cara, (Gaelic for a Soul – Friend) Someone who encourages a closer walk of relationship with God, who helps you to see your life role. To ultimately be walking in kingdom values. An Anam Cara is a person who is encouraging you to have the confidence that the Monarch of the Universe is watching your back.

Experience: Remember this book is not a textbook, but an experience, a journey to encounter the Monarch of the Universe giving life tips along the way, being alongside Tobar a fellow pilgrim and student. This book is fictitious but laced with spiritual truths to aid any who are wandering and aimless in life. We all need to receive support, through the turbulent time in our lives, to be given direction. This book: The Anam Cara, A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation. Maybe the book to give you solace and direction, being taught in the classroom of Tobar’s life with his Anam Cara named Issidore, learning how to put in place tools to know the guidance of the Monarch of the Universe. Also tools of how to choose your own soul-friend this will have a reciprocal benefit for both the Anam Cara and Anam Caree. (Mentee)

Epidemic problems: The Anam Cara, this is an ancient practice, I feel a treasure was forgotten, if implemented will overcome a number of problems of epidemic proportions. What are they, you may ask? The first is loneliness! We are in a society that is very independent, individualistic, and superficial, we may have friends but they do not share the deep soul issues, and the burdens of their hearts.

Without a Vision: The next issue, having an Anam Cara could confront is the aimlessness in people lives.We all need someone to go too, having a sounding board in your  life, and an Anam Cara, can aid in life vision and aspirations, sharing the longings of the heart, can be the first stage toward attaining your dreams, and toward choosing your vocation that has been placed within you from the beginning of time.

Nurture growth: Helping your gifts to come to the surface, this is not just benefiting you, but the whole world. To further establish the kingdom for The Monarch of the Universe. Having a bigger picture, expecting to be matured and fully grown to bear fruit that is beneficial for all.

What will you do to get a chance to reinvent yourself?

Let God, or The Monarch of the Universe as referred to in my book,The Anam Cara, A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation, have control of your life. The Monarch of the Universe can use you in the service of righteousness, peace, and Joy in the Holy Spirit. Secondly, if you choose to buy this book,when it is published, wonderful, but ultimately it is allowing the Guide to help you discern the needed changes in your life, this is what allows for the transformation, aided by your Anam Cara.

Imagine: Paint a picture in your mind of you entering into all that the Monarch of the Universe has for you, you fulfilling your role for life. Picture yourself entering into this dream, all because you have learned, to hear, and listen to instruction through direction from the Monarch of the Universe. Because you have been taught by your Anam Cara, who has given a word in season that helped with the discerning process. We all need friends to help us in the journey of life and we also have a friendship that can be found in The Monarch of the Universe, who is for us and not against us. Let us press on forward knowing that the Monarch of the Universe is more for us that we are at times for ourselves.

Service: Make a difference by allowing The Monarch of the Universe to make a difference in your life. Your transformation will allow you to help others in their transformation and restoration experience. You know you want to reinvent yourself, who better to help you do this than the God of the Universe, the Monarch of the Universe, who created everything and is at work in your life even as we speak, right now.

The Seer Anam Cara: This is an ancient practice, going back centuries to the time of King Saul, in the Bible where there are others figures, but this is the one I would have us focus on from the Old Testament accounts. 1 Samuel 9: 1- 10, 19 NIV:

“I am the seer,” Samuel replied. “Go up ahead of me to the high place, for today you are to eat with me, and in the morning I will send you on your way and will tell you all that is in your heart.

The people sought the advice of the Seer, to get insight regarding a troubling life issue.

You can be that sought after sage / seer, who can give a word in season given from the Monarch of the Universe, thus being a conduit with a message from heaven.

This is some of the thinking and ideas for my book project that I’m slowly working on, has been over several years. The book grows as I grow.


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