Musings on the Journey

This is a logo for a company in Wales that caught my imagination My or Our Way is very unique, it is very much custom-designed by God because we are each a one of a kind individual. I have been very much encouraged with the direction my life has been taking in these last few … Continue reading Musings on the Journey

There is no limit!

Infinite possibilities - “God gives the spirit without limit”John 3:34b. We have not passed the kindergarten, baby, beginner stage of our faith. Have we even began to walk in the image of Christ? Jesus said that all things are possible if we only believe. Have we even entered into the basics of the faith, let … Continue reading There is no limit!

What Is Celtic Christian Spirituality?

Touched By Many: Celtic Christian Spirituality is like a bolt of tartan that has been woven together over a long period of time, centuries. There have been may hands that tended to the sheep, protecting the heard from the wolves, protecting life, allowing the fleece to grow, passing through many hands. That touch is necessary, touched … Continue reading What Is Celtic Christian Spirituality?