The Celtic Journey # 3. Journal.

There are a number of songs to choose from. You don’t need to listen to them all. If a title catches your imagination listen to that one as your preparation for entering into a time of silence with God . Then the other songs in preparation for you to enter the theme. It is your choice, do everything or enter where you desire.

I want to know you (In the Secret Place):

  • Song – sing together or listen to a song that is the theme of class
  • Silence
  • How are things going (share what is on the heart at the level you feel comfortable)
  • Pray

In the whirling wheels of the world, you are with us.

When the day takes its toll, you are with us.

In the clamour of strife, you are with us.

When the world turns sour, you are with us.


Captivate Me

The Gentle Healer-Michael Card:

Journal the journey

What is Journaling? Written notes and thoughts, or drawn and painted entries of feelings, that are recorded reflections of the journey. This is a tool to help with the unfolding of life’s mysteries, so as not to feel lost, aimless, and alone.

Take confidence that you have the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you have ears to hear what God is saying to you.

My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me. John 10: 27

Rest in and take confidence in this promise

The Lord’s My Shepherd – Stuart Townend

Community of Aiden

All I once held dear – Robin Mark:

Faithful one – Robin Mark

Be Still – Hillsong Worship

Ancient Words:

Rest In You – Shannon Wexelberb

Journal the journey

The process of drawing near to God. To reflect in writing, to seek the assistance of the Spirit, to make notes of the signs, jotting down your thoughts, desires, dreams, and to be still and converse with the Lord. The process of working through the steps toward the plan the Lord has for me, for you. If you have the booklet created by me go to Page 14. Of The Celtic Journey Booklet. ~ Mark Condy.

If not continue without it, as there is enough material here to proceed with the journaling process.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you, slow down listen the the Spirit, trust or entrust yourself to their (the Trinity’s) leading. The following song, listen to it, be aware of God’s presence, relax into the process.

Being Present in the moment (Awake to the now)

Celtic Christian Spirituality is about being present in the moment, being open to the Wild Goose or the Holy Spirit as we may be more familiar of knowing the third member of the Trinity.

We are to be open to the flow of blessing that has been given by the Divine. We have a choice to choose from blessing or curse, and this is why there are many prayer or blessings in Celtic Spirituality, anticipating, and having confidence to be open to the positive, and blessings, of the Lord.

Blessings and Prayers

However, there was also the negative supernatural forces. Thus the reason for the lorica or caim prayers for protection against evil and this points out the reason for the feeling of melancholy in their music, having an awareness of the mix or darkness and light.

The illumination is seen in their artwork, hope, light, confidence that the Divine will help overcome the curse and hardships and harsh conditions in their life. Believing that the Lord is with us, just as the Lord was with the Celtic Saints, men and women like you and me, they had a desire to draw near to God, knowing that as we make the effort to draw near God will draw near to us, the Lord want to communicate with us. The Thin Place.

The process of journaling is this, a being in the moment, writing, and releasing onto paper, your thoughts and feelings. What is going on in your life right know in this time. Then later on there is an exercise to approach journaling in a different way. But first take a break from reading and listen to me talking about my experience.

Journaling can be a process used to cope with suffering, being an emotional outlet to process that which is being experienced through the highs and lows of life.  A Journal is the journey of a person’s heart toward knowing themselves and knowing the Lord’s purpose and plan. It is like talking to a faithful friend, always available any time, day or night. 

You can write and the journal takes to its pages everything you want to share. This friend will not share your deep dark secrets so you can be free to be yourself. It is a process of continual refocus, as things do get blurred at times, and life’s vision unclear.

We can get a little disillusioned by life but I love what Brendon Burchard says in The Motivation Manifesto about journaling. “So tonight, in the stillness and magic of the last hours, let us grab our journals and write all the reasons we have to believe in ourselves and this world once more. What we have already done in life that we didn’t know we could? What reasons we find to believe that tomorrow will be better and the world will open up to us? Why will we continue to believe in ourselves and our dreams even amid difficult days? Yes, let us write these things. Let us force ourselves to do this seemingly simple activity now. For in writing our beliefs, Faith itself is strengthened.” pg 124.

Use this Scripture as a Journal prompt

Journal the struggles, and journal the possibilities, or the dreams that you personally want to see become a reality. It is in the visualizing and believing, it is through the dream casting we hope for dream fulfillment. For everything is possible to those who believe, and it is mixing our dreams, hope, and faith, together, as the text of Hebrews 11:1 says: faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. 

As I was looking through one of my journals the other day, I came across this entry. Having faith and hope, pressing forward with confidence. God is for me and wants what is best for me. I just have to trust and press forward, knowing God is on my side.

Matthew Kelly says in Rediscovering Catholicism “the journey of the soul the rhythm of life he describes it as a journey from point A to point B. Point A represents the person you are today, and point B represents the best version of yourself.” pg 162.

Will what I am about to do help me become the best version of myself?

“The actions of your life are determined by your last most dominant thought.” pg 178 Kelly.

“You will learn more from an hour of silence than you can in a year from books.” pg 181 Kelly.

A Christian journal is a place where you can write down your prayers, collect your thoughts on the things God is teaching you, record your interpretations of Bible passages and the wisdom and insight you’re gaining from biblical scripture, or even catalog the daily encounters you have with other Christians that serve to help you on your way. It can be an amazing tool to help you record God’s transforming work in your life, so to keep it from becoming an overwhelming process that does little more than tire you out, we will suggest some creative techniques that we believe can renew joy and intimacy in your relationship with God. So, let’s get started! Journaling Tips

 ■ Begin with prayer Ask the Holy Spirit, who is your Counselor, to open your heart and guide you to the truth.

■ Date every entry It’s important to record the date of each journal entry to help you see the progress you’ve made. 

■ Write what’s on your hear. Start talking to God and share your joys, victories, desires, frustrations, anger, fears, hurts, heartaches, and praises with Him. You can record special events, spiritual insights, revelations, strengths, weaknesses, goals, prayers, dreams, memories and scriptures you love. 

■ Do not worry about mistakes Don’t be concerned about spelling, penmanship or content. Thinking too long about what you’re going to write may hinder you. 

■ Listen and record what you hear from the Lord.

Mark Vickler process of journaling.

Just find a basic lined notepad or get a fancy journal and just start!

This is a Journal entry Dec 14, 2009: That I asked the Lord to talk. I felt led to write the following: Be content in the God-given rhythm, that God has placed in my life. This moment, now, God has given me, be content and happy with the gift of time, and time to be still and know God. Pursue God and the purpose God has for you, trusting, loving, and knowing God. Dwell in his presence, for God is ever present, it is me that is not aware and taking and making the time to enter the center of the temple, our soul, as we are the temple. We have to abide and draw close to God, for he has chosen to make his abode in me and you. So dwell there and bask in His presence.

The following are some short Blogs I have previously done on Journaling:

“Do you want to think, write and live like the prophets, apostles, and Saints? Then you must surrender, as they did, to the inspirations of God.” pg 50 ~ Jean – Pierre De Caussade. Abandonment to divine providence.

As I mentioned in the beginning video on my reflection regarding Journaling: “If you are not satisfied with what God chooses for you, what else can please you.” pg 31 ~ Caussade

Help me/us, journal the journey toward knowing ourself and our role in this your world Lord. To uncover the purpose and plan you have for me/us to fulfill. So as to enter into the life call that is on our life, help me/us know your purpose and plan, and help us help others discover their role. May journalling be the way to uncover the deepest secrets of the heart, trusting the process as if talking to a close friend. You Lord are that Friend. Amen.

The following is the process of making your own journal advanced and basic. These are extra curricula activity just for information and beyond this scope of the previous content.

Fold paper to center landscape and portrait until you have an evenly folded sheet of paper, creating rectangles from the folds on your piece of paper. Then with a pair of scissors cut from center edge to where X on diagram indicated where the cut is to stops, then repeat step two more times.

Hold the paper up and see how it naturally falls, then fold it back and forth until the booklet is formed. Then you have created a basic small book for a journal, the larger the paper used the larger the Journal booklet becomes.

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