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What has been the draw toward the Celts for me?

For example, the artwork such as the illuminated knot-work, the mystery, the music, the story, and folklore, ancient wisdom, the saints who were ordinary people like you and me, plus the focus on nature and the God who was the creator of the beauty around us. I see a bond with my native land, my Scottish ancestry, the Celtic prayer, having a connection with land, and everyday life, and community!

My Journey:

I don’t endorse all the sites and videos I find, but there are a lot of helpful learning opportunities to be found. So ponder, sift through, and take, what is good for you as an individual. Enjoy the journey.

community-of-aiden- and - hilda

This is the order of the presentations found on the Community of Aidan and Hilda’s website. I was adding them and watching but didn’t know the order, copied the order and discovered I had the links.

David Cole Waymark Ministries


Waymark ministries

 The community of Aidan and Hilda is a wonderful community to be apart of and can help the seeker to be immersed in all things with regard to Celtic Christian Spirituality.


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