Celtic Flow

A sacred journey and an ancient paths to be explored. This is Celtic Christian spirituality. It is a discovery of an ancient path or a way of life. That has a connection to the creator and nature, as creation magnifies the creator.

The Next Pilgrimage

We will be given time to have space to create art, be in nature, develop relationships, and also time with God. Having fellowship with fellow believers, being inspired in locations that have been places of pilgrimage for centuries. The practices and places we will go and explore and experience have been time tested and viewed as sacred places and practices. Where people have gone to encounter themselves and the sacred. To learn to walk gently on the earth and partner with the Holy Spirit who is our map, compass, and guide.

Celtic Flow

Is an art experience combining flow art and Celtic knot work. Starting with the flow-medium and acrylic paint and take a digital photo of the finished flow piece. Then enhanced with Celtic deigns I have created.