Celtic Flow

Celtic Flow was as a result of my Pilgrimage to Scotland in July 2019. After the experience I was inspired to create art.

Life is a sacred journey and living life as a Pilgrim of taking a Pilgrimage has been a time tested practice. It is about taking time to reconnect with God. Pilgrimage is an ancient path of practice, believing God is our journey companion in our faith walk. There are practices that have been used over the centuries to draw ever closer to the Lord. We will explore these ways of connection with God. These way-markers will have a contemplative and Celtic focus, learning to try an walk what I call Celtic Christian spirituality.

It is a discovery of an ancient path or a way of life. That has a connection to the creator and nature, as creation magnifies the creator.

The Course or class I will teach is on Celtic Christian Spirituality

The aim: So they / we can learn from the ancient paths of Celtic saints, men and women of history and ancestry. Who walked a path that connected them to God, nature, community, and a simpler way of life.

Those who are looking for alternative spirituality, with a Celtic Christ Centrist focus, to be seekers of the sacred.

Congregational folks that are looking to enrich their mind, body, and spirit.

Those who long for connection with nature, to rest in creation, slow down and meditate on practices of time tested way of simplifying life from a Celtic root and finding sacred connections in daily life.

You know how busy life is, at times waking up wondering is there more to life than this business, and life as usual?

Do you long for a deeper connection with life? To explore a deeper longing of your heart to connect spiritually, to be more aware of the sacred, rather than the busy and aimlessness of life, or driven, going through the motions of life. Help me, help you, find a new rhythm for your life.

You know how busy life can be, and wake up wondering is there more to life than this? Not wanting to face the business and stress, we long for deeper connection to life?  

The Next Pilgrimage

We will be given time to have space to create art, be in nature, develop relationships, and also have time with God. Having fellowship with fellow believers, being inspired in locations that have been places of pilgrimage for centuries. The practices and places we will go and explore and experience have been time tested and viewed as sacred places and practices. Where people have gone to encounter themselves and the sacred. To learn to walk gently on the earth and partner with the Holy Spirit who is our map, compass, and guide.


The Following is my experiments with flow art and digital enhancement.

Celtic Flow

Is an art experience combining flow art and Celtic knot work. Starting with the flow-medium and acrylic paint and I then take a digital photo of the finished flow piece. Then enhanced with Celtic deigns I have created.