The Celtic Journey or Pilgrimage and the Retreat Experience.

Byzantium Cadoc’s Blessing:

Format of Class 2020

  • Silence
  • How are things going (share what is on the heart at the level you feel comfortable)
  • Pray
  • Song – sing together or listen to a song that is theme of class
Leeland – Way Maker (Official Live Video)
Use extracts from the booklet I produced

Celtic Journey Class

  • Tuesday 6:30pm – 8:00pm
  • March 24 – We begin the Journey to go on a Pilgrimage with God who is our journey companion.
  • March 31 – The Cross
  • April 7- Journal the Journey
  • April 14 – The Trinity
  • April 21- Three aspects of the Celtic Journey
  • 1. Embraced by God. 2. Environment and creation 3. Passion for God.
  • April 28 – Overview of Mark’s Pilgrimage from the Summer of 2019
  • May 2 & 3rd – Possibly conclude the Celtic Journey with a weekend retreat if participants would like this. We could conclude with a video to bookend the experience. Plus some contemplative activities and artistic expression. To be present in the moment, listening to the leading of the wild goose.

Those who want to go to Scotland or UK, and have an interest in Celtic Christian Spirituality.

Before the Pilgrimage to the UK, a stepping stone could be a long weekend at Columcille Megalith Park, PA. Accommodation at Kirkridge. This is not a prerequisite it can be a stand alone experience, for anyone who wants an introduction to Celtic Christian Spirituality, and don’t want to take the long journey to the UK.

Retreat Focus: Celtic Christian Spirituality, Art, Contemplation and silence and immersion in nature, as creation magnifies the creator.

Three Problems to solve or resolve

1. Too busy to be still, know self, know God or the Divine Spirit. (Partner with the Wild Goose)

2. Caught in the routine of life so that you feel like you are only going through the motions.

3. You know you need to get away, give yourself permission to have a getaway for yourself.

My three experiential activities the person on the retreat would participate in when on the pilgrimage or mini pilgrimage

1. To be in Scotland Iona, Lindisfarne or Cornwall. Or prior to international experience go to Columcille Megalith Park,PA. And be immersed in the beauty of nature and location, having the time and space for being still, and to draw close to our journey companion, the Spirit. We are on a journey, daily we enter into a pilgrimage, but at times we are going through the daily grind, and have need of being in a sacred thin place, having a moment of encounter with God in a sacred space and location.

2. Go and ponder the thresholds of life, at a stone circle, entering a holy building, or by walking a labyrinth.

3. Have time to Journal the journey, and given times to ponder our thoughts and feelings. Resting in the different experiences, plus reflect in a different manner by going on a walk and take a photo of a space that has captured your imagination or you have felt a connection too.

The accommodation near Columcille I would like to use is at Kirkridge

A sacred journey and ancient paths to be explored:

This is Celtic Christian spirituality. Is a discovery of ancient paths or a way of life!

This way has a connection to the creator and nature, as creation magnifies the creator. We will be given time to have space to create art, be in nature, develop relationships, and also time with God. Having fellowship with fellow believers, being inspired in locations that have been places of pilgrimage, that have been tried and tested for years. Becoming that oasis of  are sacred places where for centuries people have gone to encounter these sacred spaces. To walk gently on the earth.

The Enduring Song:

The Ancient Paths: By Mark Condy

The Heart: By Mark Condy

Welcome to this circle. Sing along:

The Servant Song:

safly harbour

Francesca Battistelli – If we’re honest.

Be The Center

Let Your Living Water Flow

This is the air I Breathe

Captivate Me:

See Guitar Chords with the song or click PDF: Doc1

Pilgrim Song:
Pilgrim: a beautiful song by Nick and Anita Haigh.
Celtic Root and rythem

Into The Garden: Creation Magnifies The Creator: By Mark Condy.

The Lord’s My Shepherd:

Before The Throne Of God:

A Place In Hills:

Be Thou My Vision:

I Heard The Voice Of Jesus Say:

Creator King:

I Bind Unto Myself Today:

Protection Prayers:


Come Be With Me:

Sacred Weaving

Songs I want to learn:


Who is like our God Album cover