Go Thy Way! Do we know our way?

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People of the way, but have we lost our way?

Are we even known as the people of the way any longer?

What is the way?  To Be Like Christ! One Who Is Like Christ?????

Discerning! seeing if there is any wicked way in us, the need to be clean, to cleans our way if there is unrighteousness in our soul. But this is ultimately a work of the Holy Spirit, but we have to co-operate, being willing to allow the fruit of the Spirit to grow.

Listening to the voice, the guide, saying this is the way walk in it. Do we have that faith to believe our ears, have the ability to discern if that voice what we hear and listen too is the Holy Guide?

It’s about knowing the way and choosing the right path, having confidence this is a good step to take for your life. The right course of action as we journey. The steps needing to be trodden, with each step, discerning our heart motive, and this has to be a daily on going process . As we can so easily get lost and have to find our way again. But it is important to choose a life direction, if we don’t choose our life trajectory who will? We then will get blown along by circumstances or blown along by the Holy Spirit, which would we prefer?

So are we people of the Way or People of the world. This is tricky at times to assess, do we look like people that follow Jesus, or has societies influence infiltrated our lives, and effected our faith?

It is not the words spoken, but  the actions of our way of life, that makes more difference than we realize, demonstrating our way we life.  Allowing all to see a lifestyle that identifies us as people that live like our role model JESUS. To be once more people of the Way!

The title of a book that was given to me by a friend recently addresses this very subject. I began reading and have found very interesting.

finding our way againFinding Our Way Again

My morning reading caught my attention recently. A blind man wanted to get the attention of Jesus, hearing that Jesus was passing by. The blind man called out to Jesus ‘have mercy on me!’ Jesus beckoned him to come forward and Instantly the man could see, and followed Jesus down the road or on the way. (Mark 10: 52)

We are all blind at times and need the mercy of God, when we do see, do we immediately wanted to follow Jesus, going his way for our lives?

The blind man enters a new way of life, he does not give it a few days to ponders. But takes immediate action, does not hesitate. We get caught at a crossroads of choices and decisions. Wanting to know the way, wanting to know where we are going. This is one of the reasons for this article, because most of the time I don’t know the way.

The Message Bible states it like this: Go stand at the crossroads and look around ask direction to the old road. Then take it.  Jeremiah 6:16.

Who are we asking direction from? Also, you may say what are we wanting to look at old roads or old ways for, we are in the modern age? The new advancements, for a better world. These time tested ways may be the way forward, more than we want to admit, “the challenge of the future will require, we realize, rediscover and adapt, re-use resources from the ancient past.” pg 6 Finding Our Way Again,  Brian McLaren.

Jesus said Go thy way, your faith has made you well. Your faith in Me, Jesus.  I am the way, the truth, the life, a travel companion on the road to a destination we at times don’t even know. We have to think, feel, decide to walk in a new way, and go the distance, we are travelers, sojourners, like Abraham, being led to a distant land that is not known. Just told to go, and would be told when he got there!

It is a faith journey, and this is why we need a (soul friend) an Anam Cara to journey with us, to aid with the discernment process, to test, and to help us with our choices.

It’s a Way of life, that is truth that brings about righteousness, and it is life giving, a new restored life. There is a need to rediscover our faith as a way of life, not a system of rule and regulations. A rhythm to live by, the season to follow, journeying with like minded people, in community and experiencing hospitality, just in awe with life, creation, pleased to be alive.

I’m pondering joining the Community of Aidan and Hilda, a community that has a focus on Christ and the Celtic figures that spread the love message of God to the  peoples. Way of Life this is the guideline the US Community gave to help draft a Way of life. This is the info-way-of-life the UK community give as a guide. I hope you will view and ponder, and go and implement some little change in your life, it only take a step to start a journey.


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