The Celtic Pilgrimage June/July, 2019.

Evan McElfresh one of the group, produced this wonderful digital presentation of the Pilgrimage highlights.


The Pilgrimage began a year and a half before we actually went on the journey to Scotland, where we were assimilated  into the culture by starting in Edinburgh.

We then went onto the Scottish Borders

Scots View and Wallace Statue

Jedburgh Allerton House

Old Melrose Abbey

Melrose Abbey

Photo By: Kirsta McElfresh

The Pilgrimage was a wonderful experience for all in the group.

Holy Island was liked by many of the participants and most of them if they where given the opportunity would liked to have stayed longer.

Media Memories

As a result of preparing for the Pilgrimage a lot of research was done by myself and as a result I put the information all together into a booklet. It is still a work in process but it is material to be used for the next Pilgrimage.

I’m about to begin planning for the next Pilgrimage.

If you are interested contact me at

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