Go Thy Way! Do we know our way?

Love this painting http://www.foundationarts.com/hold-on-tight People of the way, but have we lost our way? Are we even known as the people of the way any longer? What is the way?  To Be Like Christ! One Who Is Like Christ????? Discerning! seeing if there is any wicked way in us, the need to be clean, to … Continue reading Go Thy Way! Do we know our way?

Celtic Yearning!

This is a post from on July 3, 2015 by sunriseofcross I discovered a friend wrote the words and music for this song and every time I would hear this music I would be taken to the hills of Scotland. It is 3 years ago next month I went to Scotland to visit family before this … Continue reading Celtic Yearning!

What Is Celtic Christian Spirituality?

Touched By Many: Celtic Christian Spirituality is like a bolt of tartan that has been woven together over a long period of time, centuries. There have been may hands that tended to the sheep, protecting the heard from the wolves, protecting life, allowing the fleece to grow, passing through many hands. That touch is necessary, touched … Continue reading What Is Celtic Christian Spirituality?